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Blake Shelton’s Video “I’ll Name the Dogs” Wins CMT Video of the Year Award

If you didn’t know, Blake Shelton was this year’s big winner at the CMT Awards for Video of the Year overall and Male Video of the Year for “I’ll Name the Dogs.” (“I’ll Name the Dogs,” was directed by Adam Rothlein and produced by Jennifer Ansell for Tiny Terror Productions.)

The winner of these awards was decided based ultimately on crowd votes. If it wasn’t obvious before this achievement, it’s fair to say Blake Shelton has a HUGE fan base! Blake Shelton not only shouted us out in his acceptance speech, he thanked Rascal Flatts for “absolutely nothing.” Blake Shelton’s humor never fails him!

The video for “I’ll Name the Dogs” was based off an original concept by Adam Rothlein directing for producer Jennifer Ansell at Tiny Terror Productions.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it here to get the full effect).

The video centers on a young woman seemingly getting ready for her wedding with her elderly grandmother. All of the friends and family come together to witness the grand event. At the end of the video, it’s revealed that the grandmother is actually the one getting married to the love of her life. #beautiful

We had such a great time shooting this video. Make sure you watch it and check out the stills from the video below.