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How to Use Video to Impact the Customer Journey

Videos for Top-of-the-Funnel

Target new audiences with the top-of-funnel videos using brand awareness to pique their interest, get them watching to recognize your brand and to learn more about your products. They may not be ready to buy yet, but you have at least started a relationship with them. Make sure to run ads on social media, including YouTube.

Analytics are Key

Pay attention to your analytics. It’s probable that someone who has watched 100 percent of your video is more interested than someone who has only watched a few seconds. Even though there are studies showing brand recognition happens after only three seconds of watching a video, you’re much more likely to get a conversion from someone who has watched more of your video. You can use these analytics to target those who are more interested in your product.

Create Videos That Usher Potential Customers Down the Buying Funnel

So now you have your analytics and can see those who have watched 50 percent or more of your video. You should now re-target these people with a follow-up video campaign, like a sequel to the first video they viewed. For example, if someone watches an entire video on a brand new tablet your company is selling, follow up with another video highlighting other benefits. Your first video was more for brand awareness, but now that these audiences are connected, you need to show them more features and benefits about how your product can enhance their life.

Create a video with a Call to Action

The follow-up videos you create should have a strong call to action leading users to a conversion. You can produce as many videos as you want to follow up on this journey, just keep using the same marketing tactic: if someone watches 50 percent or more of the next video, then maybe re-target them with a new one. The video should contain a call to action to lead to a conversion. If your conversion is to make a phone call, then your video should tell them to make a phone call and have the number listed on the video. There are also tools you can use on YouTube and other social media platforms that can have these calls to action overlaid on your video.
These videos do not need to be long-form videos. The first video should be more about brand awareness and getting people’s attention quickly.
Studies show that 88 percent watch their TVs and are on their phone at the same time. If you have traditional media running, you should try and target people who are watching the TV shows you advertise in with the same video on their phones to increase your frequency.

Don’t Stop at Conversion

Once you get the conversion, you don’t need to stop there. After the sell, produce videos for your customers that show them other ways they can use your product. It will make your product more valuable to them when they see it has other uses they may not have considered. This is also an opportunity to nurture your customers and sell them additional products. For example, if the tablet you’re selling has an attachable keyboard, make sure to include that in follow-up videos with your current customers. You can also use your videos in any email marketing campaigns that you run.