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Incredible Storytelling Tips from Ghost Atomic

Storytelling through branded content videos could make the biggest difference in your marketing campaigns. Did you know more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day? Many brands now use video to attract customers, and then follow up through lead nurturing, retargeting and other marketing methods. But what makes branded content storytelling through video so impactful? Ghost Atomic Pictures has compiled a list of our top five reasons why our clients have seen success by using videos to spread their messages.

  1. Branded Content Videos are Essentially Mini-Movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie? And furthermore, who doesn’t love a good movie when you can watch it for free in less than a minute? Shorter-form content is important when attracting new clients who may not be familiar with your brand, or don’t have an immediate need for your product or service. These customers are higher up on the sales funnel, so helping to pull them in through a well-told story, and getting them engaged in your message, can eventually lead to conversions through building a relationship with that audience. The tactic is to attract them with a great short story, then ask them to investigate more about your product or service, which is where longer-form videos come into play.

  1. A Great Story Can Help Your Brand Connect with Your Audience

Videos should be created with your audience in mind. If you have identified consumers you want to target at the top of the funnel, create a story that can connect with those individuals. (You can create other stories to target those lower in the funnel too!) Start by marketing content to them that creates value in their life through what you’re offering. Stories are inherently something we connect with. Tell your audience a great story, and they will pay attention.

  1. Stories Through Video Can Provide Value to Consumers

Whether we want to admit it or not, an advertisement for a product that can enhance our life is valuable to us. Think about an apprehensive new parent looking for a car that will protect their most prized possession in a car accident. If a video is shown to them related to their particular need, they are going to watch it. And if the video shows how much it can aid in the protection of their child, they’re more likely to buy it. The same is true with anyone searching for a solution to their unique needs. If you have the answer for your audience, build a story that shows them how it can help their lives.

  1. Storytelling is Memorable

You’re more likely as a human being to retain facts told to you anecdotally rather than facts given to you as just facts. It’s just the way we’re programmed. It’s the same way why certain methods like mnemonic devices work to help us remember. Your message is just more likely to be remembered when told through an amazing story. It’s science, really.

  1. One Caveat: The Story HAS to be Told Well for the Greatest Results

Ok, so we’ve all heard some pretty terrible stories, and seen some really terrible movies that YES, we definitely remember. But until The Room got its reboot, you’d be hard-pressed to find an awful story that ended up profiting anyone. It’s 2018. Your audience knows a well-produced video when they see it, and they also know one that just doesn’t, you know, exactly meet the mark. Studies show that well-written, high-resolution content equals quality and professionalism, as well as reassurance with consumers. So, if you have a great story, make sure you have a great production company to tell it for you.

And here comes the shameless plug – well, it is our blog, can you blame us? Ghost Atomic has been producing amazing and effective, original content for advertisers since 1997. We’ve worked with Microsoft, Samsung, Vitamin Water, and other big brands to create visually compelling stories that resonate with audiences across the globe. We’ve also worked with musical acts to create stories through music videos for artists like Blake Shelton and Britney Spears if you’re into that sorta thing. If you’re interested in what Ghost Atomic Pictures could do for your brand, get in touch. Contact to get started!