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Storytelling not Selling

Storytelling through video is all about building relationships with your audience and not just going in for the sell. We spend countless hours and billions of dollars annually to watch stories on the big screen, on our phones and on our televisions. Stories are important for creating bonds with audiences because it inherently forces them to remember the story they saw and become emotionally connected with the brand.

The science of why video works so well in content marketing is that our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than words. One minute of video is considered equivalent to around 1.8 million words. Effective storytelling through video is soaked up by consumers in a much more memorable way than just reading the story.

Storytelling through video works so efficiently to create new audiences and nurture current ones because it’s not asking for the sell but asking consumers to become part of the “family” and make their own choices without being told what they should do. While the story should show why a product could be useful in their lives, it should not directly tell the consumer to buy, rather let them decide on their own.

Think of it like this, say you’re on a first date with someone you just met. After dinner, they immediately ask you to marry them. Is it likely that you will say yes? Probably not. Instead, the chances of marriage will become more probable if the courtship continues. It is the same with marketing. Asking for the hard sell in a video with a new audience will not work as well as asking them to be a part of your world and lead them down the path to conversion. Content-based (especially video-based) marketing is said to increase qualified marketing leads 512% and revenue by more than 6x ( As a by-product, repeat purchases and satisfied customers are more likely to happen by using this method. That being said, both the hard sell and the storytelling path can work in different cases, just be mindful that consumers today do enjoy being courted instead of being sold.

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