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Three Simple Steps to Conduct Authentic Interviews for Your Branded Content Videos

Interviews must be authentic to be trusted by consumers and be valuable to them.

In 2019, your average audience member can be a cynical being. For years and years, unoriginal, cliché contrived and scripted content has been the go-to for so many marketers–and unfortunately, it still is.

What sort of company would need to hire and actor for a testimony shot? Why wouldn’t you be able to solicit a real interview from a real customer and just pay them for time and travel? These are all questions consumers ask when seeing interviews they don’t fully trust.

Even if your interviewee is not being paid for their time and doing it only because they love the product, their delivery and candor is just as important to consumers as not seeing that fine disclaimer actor portrayal print on the bottom of their screen while watching an advertisement.

How do you conduct an authentic interview?

  1. No Question Prep = Authentic Responses

At Ghost Atomic Pictures, we do not like to give our interviewees any questions beforehand. We prefer to ask the questions as we would in a normal conversation. This is a tried and true process we have perfected over the years and have conclusively found that not prepping an interviewee with question produces the most original and authentic answers.

You ALWAYS want the interview to be conversational. Interviews that are rigid and rehearsed come across that way on camera. This delivery can negatively impact the perception of your brand as the audience could infer you are also rigid and rehearsed aka fake and not trustworthy. What do you have to hide, the audience might ask themselves.

2. Use a Mic

The sound quality of interview is key. Again, with the trust factor, poor-quality sound can equal a poor-quality product or service to your audience. Putting a mic in the room and hoping for the best will not work well.  You will need to invest in lavalier microphones for the best results.

  1. Set and Décor

The last simple way to conduct an authentic interview is to put the person in a setting that makes sense for their message.

Greenscreens can be used if there isn’t a great set to put in the background. It is also wise to invest in props or décor that can be used to spruce up the background in case of an emergency. Lighting is incredibly important here too. If you don’t have the proper electrical lighting, natural lighting can work wonders – make sure to avoid shadows.

If you would like to know more about what Ghost Atomic can do to up your marketing game through authentic interviews, check out our branded content here or drop us a line.