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Our Top 5 Reasons Why Branded Content is So Important

Branded content, also called content marketing among various other names, is really just about storytelling, but why is it so important for your marketing mix especially going into 2018? Here are the top five reasons why we think it’s imperative to start making plans to incorporate branded content videos into your next big campaign.

  1. Your Audience Actually Craves It

Branded content works like a charm because when it’s done well, people actually crave it. That’s right! Think of the last time you were hooked into a social media video, and chances are, it was a branded content piece. The crazy part is that you might have actually liked it, maybe even loved it. This particular video, which I’m sure you’re recalling now, made you want to engage with it by watching for a longer time, and maybe you even commented on the post attached to it. It also inadvertently caused you to want to listen to the message being relayed. You might have even shared it with your friends, which brings us to the next point.

  1. Branded Content = Shareable Content

Shareable content is just what it sounds like, something that someone else deems worthy of sharing. Sharing could be through social media channels, or even talking about it at the water cooler and with your friends and family. Creating shareable content is the best way to fight the never ending changing social media algorithms (i.e. Facebook in particular) because it creates an army of people spreading your ad for you. Shareable content, when done well, is memorable and impactful—see #3.

  1. Branded Content Can Be Incredibly Impactful

Do you know why so many marketers use comedy and emotional marketing in their advertisements? Because it is memorable. Comedy and emotional videos create a lasting impression on those that consume it on a psychological level. Comedy works because it requires the audience to “get the joke,” which makes their brains have to think about what’s going on in order to understand the punch line, subconsciously stamping the message into the mind of the consumer. Emotional marketing campaigns pull at the heart strings and have the audience connected on a deeper level, thus creating that lasting impression we keep mentioning.

  1. Branded Content Makes It Easier for You to Get Your Message Across Clearly

A branded content video can accomplish in 30 seconds what might take someone reading a story for two minutes or more to understand. Here at Ghost Atomic, we have a unique way of creating visually appealing content that will engage your audience and get your message across in 30 seconds or less. We can also create longer-form content if your audience wants more of the story than what they saw in that 30 second piece.

  1. Branded Content Can Be Used Across All Channels

You will be able to use a branded content video not only on your social media channels, but on your websites, your email marketing campaigns and even television. Branded content video is versatile and can be timeless, allowing you to use it for many years to come.

If you would like to know more about what Ghost Atomic can do to up your marketing game through branded content videos, checkout our branded content here or drop us a line.