High-quality branded videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to companies today. A branded video increases conversions and strengthens your brand by improving customer engagement and trust.

How Branded Videos Influence Consumer Behavior and Three Ways To Leverage Their Marketing Impact:

1. Create Emotional Engagement

According to marketing expert Neil Schaffer, 80 percent of customers prefer videos to text. Consumers also retain 95 percent of the information shared in a branded video. 

The human brain is hardwired to respond to stories. We look for narratives and engage emotionally with visual and audio cues. Branded videos are usually more effective than text at engaging customers.

Think, for example, of videos for high-end products such as prestige watches, cars, or perfume. These are often shot in slow motion to enhance consumer perception of luxury and value and influence the decision to purchase.

Experienced filmmakers specializing in branded videos can show you how to use lighting, pace, set design, and music to create strong and relevant emotional engagement with your brand.

2. Reach New Audiences Through Viral Videos 

The digital world is awash with platforms ranging from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat to TikTok. Many of these platforms appeal differently to specific demographic groups. For example, Boomers tend to use Facebook much more often than Gen-Z, which currently prefers TikTok

The optimal outcome for any branded video campaign is to “go viral” on these platforms. A viral video usually has at least one million views, but sheer numbers are not the defining metric. A viral video is measured by how quickly it proliferates through social media platforms and reaches new audiences.

Think of it this way: a customer sees your branded video and shares it with 2000 followers on Twitter. If one of her followers then shares it with his 10,000 followers on Facebook, and one of those viewers then shares it with her 100,000 followers on Instagram, your video stands a high chance of going viral. It will reach new and different platforms, generate media buzz, and find potential new customers.

Despite the ubiquity of data analytics today, no one has yet found a formula for creating a viral video. Creativity, originality, and luck play a role in any viral success. However, working with a reputable film and video company and focusing on what makes your brand unique will enhance your chances of leveraging the exponential power of social media. 

3. Showcase Your Unique Brand Personality

A branded video can tell your unique story in a way that resonates with consumers and captures their sustained interest. This can be particularly important if your goal is to reach Gen Z. This media-savvy cohort expects marketing to be purpose-driven, entertaining, and non-obtrusive. 

By leading with your history, mission, and values, you also maximize your brand’s distinct personality and generate an ongoing sense of connection. Think of a branded video as an opportunity to educate the consumer about what you offer and stand for in an informative but dynamic and visually appealing way. 

Expenditure on global online video advertising is expected to reach US $120 billion by 2024. Social media platforms will continue to engage a significant and growing audience. We believe strategic use of branded videos is now essential for companies who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace and forge solid and lasting connections with their customers. 

Hire a Professional Filmmaker for Branded Content to Influence Your Customers

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