When done right, video content has the power to elevate your brand’s storytelling and establish it as a powerhouse. For instance, Intuit’s first video campaign attracted about 16.8 million views within a week, catapulting the brand to the limelight. The secret is in the storytelling bit. A great story embodies a brand and makes it easy for the audience to relate to it. 

Great storytelling draws strong emotions, and this emotional tie keeps customers returning to your brand.

How You Can Leverage Videos To Elevate Your Brand’s Storytelling:

Consider What Is Beyond the Story

The story is the centerpiece of the project, and if the details aren’t properly curated, the effect of the tale is limited. Understand your product and tap into the spirit it embodies. Align this with a cause the audience can connect with and tug at their heartstrings, then weave a story around it. You need to focus on the strategy behind the script and the shots to deliver an unforgettable story. 

Make sure the characters are relatable; there is a problem that needs to be solved and a viable solution. 

Ensure the Brand Is in Every Shot

The story needs to reflect what your brand is all about and clearly define your brand message. Your brand should be reflected in the video’s tone of voice, colors, location, and wardrobe. The audience will often be drawn to these subtle cues making your brand either memorable or forgettable. 

It’s also important to showcase what makes your brand unique and stand out over your competitors. This helps create a unique association of how the audience perceives your brand. 

Use Real and Authentic Stories

People are wired to respond to real and authentic stories because character-driven stories trigger the release of oxytocin, increasing empathy, comprehension, and trust. Real stories also help the audience create an emotional association with those meaningful stories. 

Incorporating real testimonials rather than made-up stories is also a powerful tool. Make sure the testimonials introduce the brand, the problem, and how the product or service solved the problem. 

Remember, people trust other people, especially those they can relate to their struggles and triumphs. 

Keep the Videos Short, Simple, and Compelling

Did you know that the average attention span of a human being is currently at 8 seconds? With the rise of technology, social media, and smartphones, a lot is competing for your audience’s attention. Marketing companies encourage brands to keep their brands at less than three minutes. An audience’s attention tends to drop significantly after the first minute. Therefore, the first few seconds of your video should capture the audience and entice them to want to watch more.

Let the Top Storytellers Masterfully Weave Your Brand Story

The impact great storytelling has on a brand is undeniable. Not only does it help a brand stand out, but it also creates a lasting relationship with the audience. Let Ghost Atomic Pictures bring your brand to life. Contact Us today to get started creating a compelling story about your brand.